Why streamlining and cost cutting isn’t the same

In Denmark, most people are acquainted with the word effektivisering, which translates into streamlining, or simple making more effecient. It is a word which is typically spoken by politicians or C-level people. However, when they say it, it usually doesn’t have anything to do with efficiency, instead it is just another way of saying: “yeah,Continue reading “Why streamlining and cost cutting isn’t the same”

Browser automation with Selenium

Selenium is a browser automation framework. This means that it can control the browser, in a manner similar to what you would do youself. For instance, it could be something like this: Open Google Chrome Navigate to Google.com Type “Funny cat videos” into the search bar Click the “Search” button Open the first site inContinue reading “Browser automation with Selenium”

How I got started blogging

So, my first blog post… Where should I begin…? Maybe I should start out with the fact that it’s actually my second blog post. The first one was on Medium.com – but I quickly learned that this probably wasn’t the best idea. Or in the words of Scott Hanselsman: Your words are wasted. You shouldContinue reading “How I got started blogging”