Simple things – It’s not that simple

One of the most interesting words in software development (including no-code stuff, which I’m currently working on) is “Simple”. The word itself seems really simple and hence we tend to use it without further thinking. But actually it’s not that simple. Let’s consider an example: A co-worker comes to you asking for a solution. TheyContinue reading “Simple things – It’s not that simple”

XPath – The path to better automation

XPath stands for XML Path Language (don’t ask me how, but luckily it’s not that important to this post). It’s a query like language made to easily navigate XML. Let’s look at a simple example. Then you can use XPath to select the ‘Author’ node (or any other node). If you wanted to grab theContinue reading “XPath – The path to better automation”

Mind your own business (logic)

You might have have heard that you need to separate the business logic from the data access. Or sometimes from the domain model. But what does this mean and how does it translate to robotic process automation? There are always different ways to do things and as such you shouldn’t think of this as “theContinue reading “Mind your own business (logic)”

Robotic Process Automation – What I have learned so far

Process automation, or sometimes Robotics Process Automation – RPA (we can discuss the differences of the two another time) is becoming increasingly popular. And for a good reason. It can save your company a lot of resources, often by doing some quite simple stuff. However, simple doesn’t always mean easy. And when it comes toContinue reading “Robotic Process Automation – What I have learned so far”