How I got started blogging

So, my first blog post… Where should I begin…?

Maybe I should start out with the fact that it’s actually my second blog post. The first one was on – but I quickly learned that this probably wasn’t the best idea. Or in the words of Scott Hanselsman: Your words are wasted. You should read his full post, but the very brief summary is, that if you don’t pay with currency – you pay with something else. In this case, the price for my free blog at, was that I didn’t own my content.

So instead I decided to go to Or actually, I went to – the open source library you can use to build your own site. But when I realized that it involved PHP, I quickly made the decision, that this wasn’t a road I was going to follow. So instead I decided to pay around 100$, to make a blog, that probably won’t get a single visit.

So why am I making a blog, if I think no one is going to read it? Well, first of all I hope that someone is. Because I actually think that I can contribute with something. If I didn’t I could have just written a diary instead. And that actually takes me to the other important point: this will be a bit of a diary. I will blog about coding stuff that I have learned or find worth sharing. The idea is that it will help me learn and grow as a developer. Instead of learning on my own, I am learning in public. And I really hope that some of you will help me on this mission…

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